Total Recall Book Review - The Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography

Author: Stefan

Published: 17 Nov 2022

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have an Autobiography?

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger does have an autobiography. It is titled Total Recall and was published in 2012.

What is included in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Autobiography?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography includes information about his early life in Austria, his bodybuilding career, his acting career, and his political career. He is very honest about his personal life, including his marriage and children.

What we liked about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Autobiography

We liked that Arnold Schwarzenegger was very honest in his autobiography. He didn’t try to sugarcoat anything or make himself look better than he was. He talked openly about his mistakes and his successes. We also liked that he included a lot of personal photos in the book.

What we didn’t like about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Autobiography

We didn’t like that Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t talk more about his environmental work. We would have liked to hear more about his efforts to combat climate change and promote renewable energy.

We found it to be a very inspiring story, and it’s clear that Arnold is a very resilient person.

He also didn’t shy away from discussing the controversial topics of his political career, such as his stance on gun control and abortion. We respect that he’s willing to share his opinions on these sensitive issues, even if they’re not popular with everyone.


Overall, we thought Total Recall was a great book. It’s well-written, honest, and inspirational. If you’re a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger or just interested in reading a good autobiography, we would recommend checking this book out.